Delivering the Shopping List

When you’re a major natural foods grocer, inventory timing and efficiency is everything. So how do you keep your technology running as neatly as your shelves are stocked and reduce 50 days of testing to one hour? Learn how the right technical guidance from Bridge360 helped this national grocery chain keep their inventory replenishment and merchandising software always up to date, error free, and their operations efficient and in sync across 10 regions.

The Issues
The inventory replenishment and merchandising software used within each of the grocer's 10 regional stores required periodic feature updates. The regional stores lacked the technical resources and time to install the updates, much less test them, resulting in out of sync data. Adding to the dilemma, headquarters had encountered a series of technical roadblocks in automating test cases for several applications including inventory replenishment and merchandising/item maintenance. Differences in functionality across the regional installations made it difficult to automate scripts that would work across all 10 regions.

A Major Natural Foods Grocer

Test Automation

The Goal: A Recipe for Consistency

Bridge360 worked with the client to build a strategy and methodology for accomplishing the following goals:

  • Enhance and automate their internal processes for rolling out key inventory and store management software updates to regional store locations.
  • Automate 400+ test scripts across 10 US regions, eliminating the need for regional office resources to
    perform technical duties during valuable time needed for operations management.
  • Speed up the test automation process: The client needed to automate top priority test scripts in less than three months.
  • Create a daily, automated regression test process that would not require time intensive involvement by the regional employees.

THE PROCESS: Part of the Team

Once requirements were clearly identified, Bridge360 and the technical team created a 5-point project plan for developing and implementing an automated testing framework to support all supplier updates.

With the new testing process and test harnesses in place and the knowledge transfer complete, they could now move forward with the testing process without operational delays. Bridge360 successfully transferred a complete maintenance plan to the grocer’s team for maintaining the testing harnesses going forward.

The Results: Vast Savings and a Refreshed Operation

Bridge360 brought day-to-day efficiencies, cost savings, and increased technical knowledge and breadth to this well-known natural grocery chain. Upon completion of this engagement, the client realized a 45% resource savings and reduced 50 days of testing to one hour. The project paid for itself in less than 6 months.