executive team
Brenda Hall

Brenda Hall knows a little something about the drive for success. In 2001, she sold her classic car collection to start Austin Test, now Bridge360. Her cherished Dodge Chargers can be seen in the Tim Burton film, Big Fish. That same "do whatever it takes" attitude is a large part of how Bridge360 earns the praise of its customers today.

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Susan Barbour

For Susan Barbour, the answer to the question, "what is the meaning of life?" likely begins with the word, "family." Susan is the first of four girls in her family, and the sisters have stayed close to each other virtually their whole lives.

"If I'm not at work," Susan admits, "I'm likely with a family member since we live on the same street and tend to travel together."

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Gilson Fagundes

Ask Gilson Fagundes what is on his bucket list and you will hear him reply “tudo”! A native of Brazil, Gilson sees the world as full of possibilities. So, his answer “Everything” is just a hint of the energetic and optimistic man that he is. Happy in any time zone is how his colleagues describe him. For Gilson, his passion for innovation compels him to reach beyond the easy answer to discover what could make every situation even better. His zeal to explore is second only to his practical nature to find the tailor-made solution for each challenge.

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