Making the tried and true new and refreshed.

When you're a Fortune 50 global auto manufacturer, keeping your applications
up to speed is mission-critical.
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Sometimes you need innovative options without starting over. Technology doesn't stand still. To stay competitive, you must keep pace with customer and market demands for new interfaces, and mobility updates and platforms. Bridge360 can help keep your application up to speed without changing your original code.

Bridge360 specializes in rapidly delivering browser-based user interfaces for mainframe and AS/400 applications, quickly and efficiently bringing these legacy applications into the Internet age without the time, expense and risk of re-writing source code. Modernization is not only limited to mainframe applications. Many early client server applications can be improved with .NET as well as other technology options available today. We know how to give your important applications the facelift they need without tampering with your legacy code.

Mainframe to Web Transformation

Bridge360 specializes in mainframe application transformation without the costs and risks normally associated with re-engineering.

Mainframes continue to support key business functions today. Much of the software running business transactions on mainframes is mission critical and simply can't be taken offline for updates and improvements. Much of this software has been written over many years, and the intellectual property that built this software has also dissipated.

Modernization of a legacy application typically includes:

  • Assessment of the legacy application
  • Inventory, business rules, data maps, source code evaluation, database schemas
  • Tool selection
  • Recommended code / database improvements
  • Reuse options and determining new development
  • Additional new features and functions
  • Data migration requirements
  • Training, documentation and communication plans
eCommerce Applications

Bridge360 specializes in eCommerce application enhancements to provide better consumer experiences.

Our eCommerce work includes:

  • On-line storefronts for fashion and home design
  • Planning and purchasing for international retailers
  • Order management and back-office report integration
  • Point of sale and inventory control I-series to web application

Some of our other modernization projects include:

  • Supply Chain Management IMS/ DB2 & DLI to customized web application
  • Airline crew scheduling I-series to customized web application
  • Legacy web application serving the pharmaceutical industry to Drupal
  • Offsite backup facility support for modernized applications
& Technology Transition

Bridge360's technologists have extensive experience in eliminating risks, performing compatibility tests, measuring performance and enabling new features.

Implementing new versions or releases of operating systems, database management systems, development tools and platforms can be daunting. We always begin with an evaluation of the current features and functions your business utilizes and assess your end users' (or developers') comfort levels in adapting to change.

Our team will provide a plan and recommendations for migration that includes some or all of the following:

  • Hardware / software implementation plan
  • Integration, regression, and benchmark testing
  • Technical training
  • End user training
  • New feature development and enablement
  • Communication strategies, both internal and external