Let Our Experts Guide Your Project To Safety.

Has your project been derailed? We specialize in getting wayward projects back on track and on time to meet requirements and expectations.

Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t turn out so well, and sometimes you just need help getting things back on track. There isn’t a horror story we haven’t heard when it comes to software projects gone bad. There’s the development project you thought was 75% complete, but is really only about 30% finished—and your users expected it to go into production yesterday. Or, well into a business critical development project, you realize you need more expertise. Then, there is the project you sent offshore to save money, only to find shortfalls in meeting the business requirements or applications that don’t meet your quality expectations.

When things go awry, you can count on Bridge360: our team is highly skilled at picking up projects mid-lifecycle, shoring up the code, and getting even the most wayward project back on track.

Does Your Project Need a Rescue?

Is your project exhibiting the following signs of distress?

If your project is drifting off track, Bridge360’s project rescue experts can get you quickly back on target to deliver successful results.

Gap Analysis

Bridge360 takes a thorough look at the assets of a troubled project through interviews, documentation reviews, and code execution, and then diagnoses the situation.

We develop an intervention approach and project plan that can be executed by Bridge360 or collaboratively with your team.

We approach every project individually and employ best practices based upon our experience and expertise. In some cases the original scope and delivery schedules cannot be met – but Bridge360 gives you a pragmatic and realistic estimate of what can be delivered, an assessment of scope changes, and delivery dates along with alternatives and associated risks. Then we bring the project out of crisis mode and under control.
Software Re-Engineering

When your business undergoes a significant change, the software supporting your business often needs changes too. Bridge360 safely re-engineers your applications to meet new requirements.

Our team begins by identifying key processes and core functionality to determine whether the application should be modified or rewritten and to determine the risks involved. We backtrack through the interfaces, logic and intricacies of the current application, determining scope, components needed, and building a technical specification in reverse. New requirements can be incorporated into these specifications to generate a project and resource plan to develop a new or modified application.

Process Improvements & Best Practices

When a project is rescued or an application is re-engineered, Bridge360 can objectively examine and provide recommended improvements for processes, procedures and policies.

We’ve seen it all, and no matter how far gone you think the project might be along that slippery slope, we are experts at picking up stalled projects and getting them back on track. We give you a restructured plan that matches doable schedules to get the remainder of the work brought to a successful conclusion. We keep you informed all along the way and track metrics and costs so you always know where things stand.